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YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler

Power: 240kw/h-7000kw/h (0.24mw/h - 7mw/h)

Pressure: 0.7Mpa-1.6Mpa

Fuel: Natural gas, lpg, Light Oil, Diesel, Heavy oil,dual fuels. 

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    Fuel (gas) Heat Transfer Fluid heaters (hot oil heater) to oil (gas) as fuel to oil as medium, using hot oil circulation pumps mandatory medium for liquid circulation, the energy delivery device and then return to Heat re-heating furnace with low pressure in the working temperature was high, and can run on medium high-precision control. System with high thermal efficiency, due to the overall module installation, operation and easy maintenance, is a safe, efficient, energy saving ideal choice for heating equipment.


    Fuel oil (gas) from the burner flame after ignition temperature generated within the coil to form into the radiation heating surface, through the internal coil rotated by 180 ° into the rear forward, the foreign control of the mezzanine area convection heating surface. Then enter the upper mezzanine, the outer coil of the second mezzanine area, in the second mezzanine area to the rear of the chimney into the atmosphere.


    Main features:

    (1) Access to low-pressure high-temperature thermal medium, convenient adjustment, heat evenly, to meet precise process temperature.

    (2) Liquid circulation heat, no condensation heat loss emissions, high thermal efficiency heating system.

    (3) The working medium heat and heat and temperature fluctuation on the volume change in the compensation measures within the system.

    (4) Circulating heat medium before the strict control of air, water and other low volatile content of the technical measures. 

  • Item                  Model                        Unit YYQW-240YQYYQW-350YQYYQW-500YQYYQW-700YQYYQW-1000YQYYQW-1200YQYYQW-1400YQ
    Rated Thermal PowerKW/H240350500700100012001400
    Thermal Efficiency(Gas/oil)%88.38/88.9188.17/88.688.63/89.989.52/9089.81/90.2591.43/91.7789.91/90.3
    Rated Working PressureMpa1111111
    Max working temperature320300320320/295320/295320/295310/290
    Medium volume in furnace0.120.250.310.360.490.611.05
    Medium circulationm³/h15.5828.132.4644.95664.22377.06781.98
    Heating area18.47623.0334.8538.5845.2855.55104.338
    Fuel consumption(Gas/oil)m³/h,kg/h30.58/24.9842.27/34.6164.42/52.6690.75/74.08127.22/104.44152.18/124.57169.56/178.88

    Item                 Model                         Unit YYQW-1900YQYYQW-2400YQYYQW-3000YQYYQW-3500YQYYQW-5000YQYYQW-6000YQYYQW-7000YQ
    Rated Thermal PowerKW/H1900240030003500500060007000
    Thermal Efficiency(Gas/oil)%90.7/91.0591.92/92.2393.37/93.5193.55/93.8993.67/94.1293.75/94.3293.086/94.55
    Rated Working PressureMpa10.
    Max working temperature310/290320/290320/290320/290320/290320/290310/290
    Medium volume in furnace1.41.342.242.753.053.333.69
    Medium circulationm³/h108.92128.58160.72225.21289.65355.23408.2
    Heating area115.975124.77210.34243.8310.25389.49468.78
    Fuel consumption(Gas/oil)m³/h,kg/h224.85/184.34312.34/247.47369.53/300.91402.9/311.1550.6/409.2697.5/508.9806.2/606.8
    • YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler
    • YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler
    • YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler
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  • YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler

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