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YGL Vertical Manually Solid Fuel Boiler

Power: 350kw/h-1400kw/h (0.35mw/h - 1.4mw/h)


Fuel:Coal, Biomass pellet, Rice Husk, Bagasse, etc. 

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    YGL series organic heat transfer material coal boilers are assembly type forced circulation vertical fixed grate manually feeding boilers. The boiler body structure is compact, heating surface is formed by the internal and external heating densely disc tube, inside pipe is for radiation heating, outside tube and the outer surface of inside tube form the convection heating surface. Boiler is made of the upper body and the lower part combustion chamber, field assembly. After fuel bum full in the combustion chamber, and radiation heating surface absorb most of the quantity of heat, flue gas of high temperature enter into the convection heating surface, the flue gas will be sent to chimney through the filter by induced draft fan and then will be discharged into the atmosphere.


    The product heating surface uses densely disk tube, heating wall piping be distributed fully, reduce heat load of the heating tube surface, make the using of oil heat more safe. Medium flow is reasonable, heat conduction oil flow from low to high, gas produced during operation can be discharged out of the efficiency of the boiler. Organic heat transfer material has many other advantages of good performance of thermal stability, has good heat transfer performance, low pressure, avirulent insipidity, no corrosion of equipment. Organic heat transfer material heating system has the incomparable advantage in industrial applications, it can gain higher temperature under low working pressure. For the stability of heating and accurate temperature control, in all levels of load thermal efficiency can maintain in the best condition, and have complete operating control and safety monitoring devices.


    YGL series coal organic heat carrier furnaces are mainly used in: chemical industry-polymerization industry, oil industry, asphalt melting, reaction tank, distillation, enrichment; plastic industry-plastic extruded to finalize the design; Textile industry-resin stenters, dyeing, vegetable oil refining; Wood industry-heating to finalize the design of chipboard, sandwich plate, Wamu board, fiber, Building materials industry, air conditioning industry, electroplating, steel picking and other surface treatment and various drying industry.

  •  Item                                              Model                                                                    UnitYGL-240MAYGL-350MAYGL-500MAYGL-700MAYGL-1000MA
    Rated Thermal PowerKW/H2403505007001000
    Thermal Efficiency%73.5673.4273.4476.4976.28
    Rated Working PressureMpa0.
    Max working temperature320320320320320
    Heating area20.72937.866.374.2
    Working medium
    Thermal oilThermal oilThermal oilThermal oilThermal oil
    Grate area0.380.790.951.721.72
    Funnel temperature250.88302.5302.19245.688229.18
    Design fuel
    II type soft coalII type soft coalII type soft coalII type soft coalII type soft coal
    • YGL Vertical Manually Solid Fuel Boiler
    • YGL Vertical Manually Solid Fuel Boiler
    • YGL Vertical Manually Solid Fuel Boiler
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