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Solid Fuel Fired Hot Air Boiler

Power: 0.35mw/h - 14mw/h

Pressure: 0.7Mpa-2.5Mpa

Fuel: Coal, Biomass pellet, Rice Husk, Bagasse, etc. 

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    Provide hot air for drying, heating, melting, reacting; High heat efficiency, convenient installing, reliable using.


    LRF hot air generator is a kind of hot air generator that burns coal directly. It has such advantages as high efficiency, energy saving, cleanness and environmental protection, it is widely used in the industries of chemistry, building materials, ceramics, metallurgy, feedstuff, fertilizer and so on, nowadays it is the first choice to replace oil-fired and gas-fired hot air generator.


    LRF coal-fired hot air generator consists of LRF coal-fired machine, hot gas purifying chamber, and air mixing chamber. Coal-fired machine supplies the primary heat. Raw (soft) coal is fed into the coal hopper through the coal feeder. The coal at a certain height is delivered by chain grate into the burning chamber of coal-fired machine. With the help of combustion fan, hot semi-coal gas produced by burning coal erupts from fire outlet of coal-fired machine and enters in hot gas purifying chamber. The chamber is built of fire resistant materials; hot semi-coal gas begins secondary combustion in purifying chamber.


    The particles impact, aggregate and drop in the purifying chamber. Clean hot air from purifying chamber at about 1000 then mixes into a certain amount of cool air, the mixture at the suitable temperature flows into dryer(such as spray tower, rotary kiln, oven, drying house,  flash dryer, fluidized bed etc.)for drying. Temperature of hot air can be adjustable according to the demand. When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates between ±5. Cinder is discharged from the other side of coal-fired machine by deslagging machine.


    It has such advantages as follows:

    1. Meet the demand of environmental protection.

    2. Save energy, heat efficiency can be reach to 95.

    3. Hot air is very clean, purity of hot air is similar to that by burning diesel oil.

      There is no influence on whiteness and purity of product.

    4. Temperature of hot air can be adjusted easily,60~1000 adjustable.

    5. Temperature of hot air under 1000 can be adjustable easily. When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates between ±5.

    6. Ashes in purifying chamber is removed once every 26 months.

    7. Equipment are durable, low cost of operation, easy maintenance.

    The furnace is a universal hot air heating device. It can be equipped with all kinds of drying equipment. It is wide used for damp removing of agricultural products such as grain, seeds, feedstuff, fruits, dehydrated vegetables, fungus, agaric, white fungus, tea, tobacco leaf, foodstuff, medicines, chemical raw materials, products of light and heavy industry. It can also used for all kinds of facillities to heat and warehouse to remove damp.

  • Item      Model          UnitLRF4-2.5LRF4-4LRF4-8LRF5-15LRF5-30LRF5-40LRF5-60LRF6-80LRF6-160LRF6-200
    Heat OutputKJ/H1.045*1051.672*1053.344*1056.270*10512.54*10516.72*10525.08*10533.44*10566.88*10583.60*105
    Air Outputm³/h1500-5603500-9305600-148012000-216025000-433028000-560045000-866083000-12500134400-23000170000-28000
    Coal ConsumptionKG/H10.0-12.014.0-17.018-2440-4580-85115-125160-170240-250480-490600-620
    Model of Fan
    Fan for cock 80-100WFan for cock 200-300WY5-47 No2.8C
    Y5-47 No4C
    Y5-47 No4C
    Y5-47 No4C
    Y5-47 No4C
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