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CFB Boiler

Capacity: 6t/h-50t/h  4.2mw/h - 35mw/h


Fuel:Coal, Biomass pellet, Rice Husk, Bagasse, etc. 

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    Water-cooling whirlpool Inner separation low speed circulating bed boiler have a power station, steam boiler, hot water boiler, ect.It is the fourth generation of circulating fluidized bed boiler developed by our company, the boiler combustion chamber and the cortex separator are formed by the diaphragm wall, the vortex separator is located at left side of the top of the furnace’s combustion chamber layout return device. In the furnace, the small particles whose speed is less than the speed of all the terminal velocity will move upward with flue gas into the cyclone, the particles whose size are greater than the cut size are separated off, in the back is expected to form the seal, and then by the semi-porous membrane artesian loopback device to feed the furnace with the hot-bed materials and mixed to burn repeatedly.


    This type of boiler has the following characteristics:

    1. The use of membrane water cooling wall to layout the combustion chamber, separator and fly back feeding system into one, has compact structure, the separator has unique structural design.

    A. Separator use of membrane wall to form the framework, structure is stable.

    B. The membrane wall can absorb heat of the lining, allowing residual carbon in the flue gas to continue burning in the separator, will not cause coking and enhance the separation efficiency.

    C. Membrane wall are welded inverted fork type grasping nails, wear-resistant material forming cast to ensure a smooth inner surface of the separator, and is a special streamlined, separation efficiency is as high as 97.97%, cutting diameter dc is for 8-15um.

    D. Lined with abrasion-resistant material with thickness of 80mm, of small thermal inertia, at the same time can prevent cracks, and meet the requirement of the circulating fluidized bed boiler to start and stop quickly.


    2. The back feeding system uses patented technology diaphragm wall porous semi-gravity loopback device, the back feeding materials is expected to flow evenly.

    A. The back feed road is formed by two membrane water cooling wall, part of the heat carried by fly ash will be absorbed by the diaphragm wall pipe and reduce temperature of fly ash, the back feed road will not have coke by the post-combustion.

    B. The loopbcak device using patented technology of porous semi-gravity wall type lookback device. When the ash flies back into the combustion chamber, the ash will layout evenly along the direction of furnace arrangements, uniform feed back.

    C. The use of loose wind can adjust the amount of feeding back material.

    3. The wear-resisting design has applied a number of measures.

    A. The use of low-speed circulating fluidized bed design, combustion chamber has large cross-sectional area, and smoke speed is low, low flue gas concentration.

    B. The separator is designed in the exit of the combustion chamber, applies high-temperature separation method to prevent effectively the wearing of heating surface behind the separator.

    C. The outlet of separator was designed the furnace the secondary purification separated device.

    D. At the upper part of combustion chamber where the fly ash has high concentrations, smoke speed is high, water-cooled film wall was painted high temperature resistant and wear-resistant materials, to avoid film wall to be worn.

    4. The design of pipe wear-resistant.

    A. Pipe using welding wear bars with the special angle and size to prevent wear on the tubular pipe.

    B. After a period of time ( usually more than one year ) can take measures such as welding wear bars, pipe life can be extended indefinitely.

    5. Combustion devices use of hood, porous form, so that the wind is uniform, the quality of flow is uniform and stable.

    6. Fuel adaptability. Combustible not only with anthracite, lea coal, bituminous coal, in particular, can burn with coal gangue, chain slag, blast furnace gas and low-grade fuel that other burning furnace can not burn.

    7. Combustible fuel with higher sulfur content, by adding limestone to the furnace can significantly reduce the sulfur corrosion of the equipments, so that can meet the requirements of environment protection.

    8. Can be continuously operated for a long time, very low failure rate. The longest running time is up to 10 consecutive months, the running time about 350days in one year.

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    Steam CapacityT/H101520253550
    Steam PressureMPa1.
    Steam Temperature194194194450194450
    Feed Water Temperature105105105104105140
    Coal Comsumption (Standard Coal)KG/H9291381190122053990/
    Funnel Temperature170165150150150145
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