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The Biggest Feature Of Biomass Fired Boiler

Aug 14 , 2018

Biomass Fired Boiler is a biomass boiler powered by biomass energy. It is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast stove, biomass heat transfer oil furnace, vertical biomass boiler, horizontal Biomass boilers, etc.

The boiler uses a combustion equipment that is most suitable for biomass fuel combustion---reciprocating grate. In the structural design of the boiler, the space of the furnace is larger than that of the traditional boiler, and the second air is arranged at a reasonable level, which is beneficial to the full combustion of a large amount of volatiles which are instantaneously precipitated when the biomass fuel is burned.

The boiler can be equipped with a fuel ignition burner for automatic ignition. Boiler feeding, burning, slag removal, water supply, ignition can be automatically controlled, and the operation is very convenient. The boiler is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which can remove the ash from the heating surface of the boiler in time to ensure efficient and stable operation of the boiler. An economizer is arranged at the tail of the boiler, and an air preheater can also be arranged according to the needs of the user. Compared with traditional boilers, boilers are more efficient and have a lower exhaust gas temperature.

Using high-efficiency insulation materials, the boiler surface temperature is low, and heat loss is negligible. Produced in strict accordance with Chinese national norms and standards, all pressure parts are made of high quality boiler steel. Each boiler undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before it leaves the factory, including hydrostatic testing and X-ray testing. It is very convenient to set up manholes, check doors, fire holes, etc. The biggest features of biomass boilers are: energy saving, environmental protection, and easy installation and use.

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Biomass Fired Boiler

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