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Gas Fired Boiler Operation Precautions

Jun 28 , 2018

Notes on Gas Fired Boiler sewage:

1. Adjust the boiler water to higher than normal water level before draining. Monitor the water level strictly during the discharge to prevent boiler water shortage caused by sewage discharge. After a period of time after the sewage is drained, touch the drain pipe behind the drain valve to check for leaks. If it feels hot, it indicates that the drain valve has leaked, and the cause should be identified and eliminated.

2. In line with the principle of "draining, rowing, and evenly draining", at least once in each shift, all sewage pipes shall be polluted in turn to prevent deterioration of boiler water quality and blockage of sewage pipes, and even cause damage to water circulation and explosions. .

In addition, especially when using gas fired boilers for liquids, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation conditions of the boiler room. Otherwise, once a liquid leak occurs, it is easy to cause an explosion accident. Therefore, the Xiao Bian of gas-fired boiler manufacturers recommends that everyone use gas boilers and Procedures need to be strictly observed.

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Gas Fired Boiler

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  • YY(Q)W Horizontal Oil / Gas Boiler

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