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Working Principle Of Electrical Heating Steam Boilers

Aug 07 , 2018

Electrical Heating Steam Boilers are industrial electrical heating steam boilers that heat water to a certain parameter and produce high-temperature steam. The water is heated into steam in the drum, and the heat is emitted from the furnace. This is the principle of electrical heating steam boilers. Electrical heating steam boilers are special equipment. The design, processing, manufacture, installation and use of the electrical heating steam boilers must be supervised by the technical supervision department. Users can only use electrical heating steam boilers if they have obtained the electric steam boiler use certificate.

The heating device (burner) releases heat, which is first absorbed by the water wall by radiation heat transfer, and the water of the water wall boils and vaporizes, generating a large amount of steam entering the steam drum for steam and water separation, and the separated saturated steam enters the superheater through radiation and convection. Continue to absorb the heat of the flue gas at the top of the furnace and the horizontal flue and the tail flue, and allow the superheated steam to reach the required working temperature. Electrical heating steam boilers are usually provided with a reheater, which is used to heat the steam after work through the high-pressure cylinder. The reheat steam from the reheater goes to the middle and low-pressure cylinders to continue power generation. The corrugated furnace and the threaded pipe structure not only improve the heat absorption strength of the electrical heating steam boilers, but also meet the needs of the heat transfer surface to be thermally expanded, scientific and reasonable, and durable.

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Working Principle Of Electrical Heating Steam Boilers

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