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SZS Series Condensing Gas/Oil Fired Boiler

Sep 02 , 2017

New type condensing boiler has higher efficiency than common boiler.

SZS series condensing gas/oil fired boiler

Product description


SZS series boiler body is double-drum, horizontal with D-type combustion chamber, the furnace is on the right, and the convection tubes on the left, movable supports in the midst and both sides of the furnace are mixed into the bottom plate of the boiler body, making sure that the boiler is expanding toward both sides in the whole. The furnace has narrow pitch pipe membrane water cooling walls in the surrounding, the membrane water cooling wall on the left of the furnace is completely sealed from the convection tubes. Behind the convection tubes is the sparse staggered structure, at the front is the aligned structure. The smoke from the burning in the combustion chamber leaves from smoke output at the back part of the furnace, enters into the burnout chamber and convection tubes, and then into finned tube economizer and condenser, and finally into the chimney by the flue and finally into the air.  

SZS Series Condensing Gas/Oil Fired Boiler


1. Manhole, inspection door

Manholes are set at the front and back of the furnace as well as the above and bottom part, the inspection door is set at the hind part of the boiler, easy to open from check and cleaning.

2. Reliable water cycling

The high temperature part of the boiler body employs forced circulation, ensuring that all heating surfaces can be cooled properly and vaporization is prevented.

3. Membrane structure

◎The full membrane wall structure type I layout

◎Steam drum, water drum convection bank from convection heating surface, and ensure boiler as a whole expand to both ends.

◎Combustion chamber using narrow spacing membrane water wall, with good air tightness, reducing heat losing, improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

◎The back of the convection bank area is sparse shift structure.The front of the convection bank area is sequnce structure.

◎Front and back wall of boiler body all using membrane structure, greatly increase the service life of the front and back wall, ensure the service life of the front and back wall more than 20 years.

◎Membrane wall on both sides of boiler furnace and the sealing between the drum all use comb board, to eliminate the used refractory concrete sealing result in condensate and gas leak problem.

4. Furnace insulation

Using high quality aluminum silicate fiber, then fire clay insulation, furnace temperature was controlled below 45°,effective control the heat loss.

5. Combustion chamber

Due to the combustion chamber adopts full membrane water wall structure, and by the micro positive pressure combustion, so without smoke issues. Working environment pollution-free.

6. Installation devices

Boiler is decorated with explosion door and flame detector, safe and reliable operation.

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